Who We Are

We are two brothers hailing from the small town of Kingston, Washington, seeking to change the way the west coast views plastic pollution.

After participating in multiple extremely fun cleanups in Hawaii with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we realized more needed to be done. Under the guidance and support of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and a host of other environmentally conscious organizations, we are embarking on a trip down the west coast of the United States to reach generations of students.

Our teachings will focus on individual and community level action, to change use of plastics and broaden understanding of their impact on both our local and international marine environments.

We will provide an interactive learning opportunity for students, partnering with local schools and teachers to tailor Sustainable Coastlines’ curriculum to the community we are working in. This funding page is targeted at raising the adequate financial support to change the lives of over 10,000 students from Washington State to California. For more information about our plans, continue reading below, check out Sustainable Coastlines’ website , and review our preliminary budget.

The Crew

Hans Schippers

As a recent graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, my passion for the ocean continues to motivate me in seeking environmental change. Graduating with a BA in Environmental focused Economics and Political Science, I was fortunate to receive a job selling solar energy. However, I still found myself compelled to create a brighter future for our oceans. Motivated by the mission of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and my recent internship with them during undergrad, I decided to institute the real change that is needed to save the world’s greatest playground: the oceans.

Nick Schippers

A “double dawg” at heart. I have a BA in Environmental Studies and an MPA in Environmental Policy from the University of Washington. As a lifelong surfer and advocate for the oceans, I have worked with both the Surfrider Foundation and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to try to change perception surrounding our use of plastic. The use of plastics is one small but tangible way to educate and work with current k-12 students on environmental issues. Our work will provide a basis for kids down the west coast to begin thinking about sustainability and the environment in a way that is both interactive and effective. To continue working under Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and push for change and action at a local level is an incredible privilege and I cannot wait to embark on this journey.