Fort Bragg High School

Fort Bragg High School lead us to students who had great questions about our work and how they could get involved. We worked with the students to draft solutions using the Parley AIR activity, (avoid, intercept, and redesign)

Rio Del Elementary & Middle

Hosting 2 assemblies, one for the elementary level and one for the middle school level students this day led us to a small community that found our presentation enthralling. We left the school and saw students running around picking up litter around their campus as we drove away.

Ambrozini Elementary

One of our busiest days to date, Ambrozini had us teaching K-5 students where we taught 10 classes over the course of 1 day. Reaching 220 students this was an awesome opportunity to get an entire school educated about the issues associated with plastic pollution and the marine environment.

McKinleyville Middle School

After a morning presentation for the local rotary chapter we left to teach for McKinleyville Middle School where we spoke at an assemble and educated an additional 200 students. The students were highly receptive to our messaging and were inspired to take action.

Fortuna Middle School

With Fortuna Middle School we taught over 100 students and similar to the elementary generated deep interest. After teaching some students reached out to us and we helped them get the appropriate information to set up an environmental club and take action throughout their community.

South Fortuna Elementary

Driving south we got into Eureka and Fortuna and set out on our most loaded week yet. Starting off with South Fortuna Elementary and the most enthusiastic teacher we have met to date, we tackled nearly 200 students in one day and sparked massive interest in making a change at the school.

Pine Grove Elementary

Our first school in California, Pine Grove Elementary brought some great students and our first assembly. We taught 80 students in a small gymnasium and had our first dose of sunshine since leaving Washington.

Azalea Middle School

Our last school in Oregon, Azalea Middle School bought a great group of students that were highly motivated to take action. We taught 5 classes throughout the day reaching over 90 students and the excitement levels were clear as we left town.

Brookings Harbor High School

Brookings Harbor High led us to one of the most proactive discussions yet. With the high school classes we worked with throughout the day, we found the school could save over $500 per year by switching to reusable forks in the lunch room.

On top of this awesome discussion, a group of students decided they were going to take it upon themselves to lead a community level discussion about plastic pollution. We worked with these students to help them generate their own form of a presentation that they could use throughout the community.

Sunset Middle School

Coos Bay Oregon, the town of all star runner Steve Prefontaine. Working in Coos Bay was awesome, the group of students here were highly engaged in our work and proposed many solid ideas that they could move forward with as a school to take action in their community.