Quileute Tribal School

Our first tribal school, Quileute was full of engaged students looking for information on how plastics impact fisheries. Because of the communities reliance on fish for sustenance and employment, our discussions hit home.

Port Angeles High School

The first school we taught after officially hitting the road, Port Angeles High School allowed us to consider the Strait of Juan de Fuca and how the water there outlets to the Pacific. A couple environmental classes let us jump in and work with students.

The Island School

Although not title one, the Island School was one of the most engaged schools in the area when it comes to environmental work. We pushed the students at this school to think outside the box when it came to plastic pollution and how they could do more.

Kingston High School

Kingston High School is the school that both Hans and Nick attended as youth. We educated students in advanced placement classes discussing not only plastic pollution but life after high school and how to pursue with career choices including college.

Talbot Hill Elementary

The first trip on the road for the SHOREBUS! The students at Talbot Hill were excited to see the big blue bus and couldn’t wait to get a photo in front of it!

Emerald Heights Elementary

Emerald Heights hosted a series of classes for the K-2 grades. We taught a full day and educated over 200 students.

Poulsbo Middle School

Sticking to the Puget Sound Region, Poulsbo Middle School kept us on our toes. Great questions came from our biggest class to date which hosted 60 students.

Brighton School

A private school but one of the first schools to reach out to us directly, we switched things up and went to Brighton School in Mountlake Terrace. The students at Brighton were ecstatic with what we had to say and left us with a batch of nearly 50 thank you cards. Each card outlined what the students were going to do to take action on plastic pollution!

Wolfle Elementary

David H. Wolfle Elementary is the elementary school that Nick and Hans went to as kids. A title one school centered between two Native American reservations, we took over the library for the day and educated the entire school. 7 presentations later we could barely talk anymore but felt satisfied knowing we left over 300 youth with some new skills and information to avoid single use plastics.

Kingston Middle School

The School Hans and Nick attended as middle schoolers. Kingston Middle School still hosts some of the teachers that were there during our time. The school recently switched to reusable lunch trays after our visit.